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Primero de Mayo community St. Martin,Peru

In true partnership with our Peruvian farming community in the town of Primero de Mayo, we’re teaming up with the farming co-op to rebuild their school in an effort to further support the educational efforts to build social and economic sustainability for generations to come. Throughout 2018, proceeds from our Peruvian coffees will support the efforts to improve the school (rebuilding the structure, adding electricity and installed a running water system) and community.

Project Updates

  1. Visit to St. Martin, Peru

    October 2017

    This past year, we were presented with the opportunity to partner with our Peruvian farming co-op, Primero de Mayo, to rebuild their school building, and we couldn’t be more honored to be involved. Owners Doug and Jason were able to visit the co-op (via planes, cars, and mules!) and as they met the farmers and their families, they were also able to witness firsthand the impact that this new school will have on the entire community. The finished project will not only provide an improved learning environment for the children, but also provide a communal meeting space in which the farmers can improve their own farming techniques, and pass on their knowledge of coffee farming to the generations to come.

  2. General Prep Work

    January 2018

    Materials have been gathered for the schoolhouse rennovations. Bricks have been carried through the jungle by mule (43 bricks at a time!). The existing walls have been demolished in preparation for the new, sturdier and better weathering structure that will house day to day school activities, town meetings, and community gatherings.

    Currently on the coffee farm, the farmers are continuing to prep for the coffee growing season. Planting occurred a few months ago, and now, farmers are continuing to monitor the fields to ensure pest and disease problems can be prevented, ensuring a bountiful crop for harvesting.

  3. General Prep Work

    January 2018

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“We feel that it is our duty to help improve the lives of coffee farming communities that we work with”Doug & Jason Barrow, Owners - Luna Gourmet

School Improvements

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