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Peru - Diamante Verde Drying Beds - Complete (2021)

Peru - Diamante Verde Drying Beds - Complete (2021)

Within the Diamente Verde Community 90% of residents earn their income from agricultural activities, with coffee being the main crop.  The average altitude is 1394 meters which is prime for growing Arabica coffee.  With the labor of love that goes into growing coffee and harvesting it off the plant ensuring that the drying is controlled makes for a better cup quality.

Drying beds are very important to a coffee farmer especially in areas that are prone to heavy rains. Each of the 32 farmers in this regional will get a new solar drying bed.  This will ensure that all 32 farmers get a better crop which in turn will help them get a higher price for their green coffee.  The installed bed are solar based which helps the green coffee reach the optimum humidity with the parchment.  This leads to what we call better physical performance and a major improvement in the quality of the cup.  

If you scroll down and look at the pictures below, you can see that there is a covering on the drying beds.  That cover makes the bed a "solar drying bed".  This method is better for the environment in comparison to some other drying methods and utilized the sun for a regulated drying process.

Installed Drying Bed

Installed Solar Drying Bed

Installed Drying Bed With the Whole Family

Farmer Team Meeting

Team Meeting

Diamente Verde Community, Peru Location

Farming Community Location