The School That Coffee Built

The School That Coffee Built.

We’re all about quality coffee beans and growing the next generation.

Direct Partnerships with Coffee Farmers.

Support for a better tomorrow.

Education. It’s what grows a community.

Make a cup. Make a difference.

Each Bag of coffee You Buy Supports a Project at Origin.

Children need schools. Communities need drying beds or water. We partner with our farming communities to identify what they need. So we leave the areas we farm in a better condition.

A school is more than a building. Or books. It’s a commitment to the future.

We call it "giving forward". Building schools in our growers’ communities that will impact generations to come.

Current 2022 Projects

Zykuta School - Sierra Nevada, Colombia (COMPLETE)

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Our 2021 Community is in the San Martin region of Peru and again in the Moyobamba Province within the Sol Naciente (Rising Sun) Community. Partnered with the Diamante Verde producer group they have identified the need for a school infrastructure and access to potable water.

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Drying beds are very important to a coffee farmer especially in areas that are prone to heavy rains. We will be installing drying beds in Diamante Verde in 2021. Our project is slightly delayed due to heavy rain and the inability to reach the community in such weather.

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The country of Honduras had an exceptionally bad hurricane season in 2020 which lead to a different set of needs and relief that we originally thought. Partnered with a farming community in Corquin Copan, Honduras we developed a program to help 71 farmers and their families with COVID-19 Prevention Kits including masks, antibacterial gel and printed signs with sanitation rules to aide in keeping the community healthy.

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Peru - Agua Azul School - Complete (2019)

In 2018 we were able to build a school in Primero di Mayo, and thanks to the support of our customers, we set out to build a second school in the nearby community of Agua Azul.

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Peru - Primero De Mayo Drying Beds - Complete (2019)

In a continued effort to improve coffee quality, materials were brought to Primero de Mayo and raised drying beds were built. These drying beds are a game changer, and keep the harvested coffee cherries off the ground and allow air to circulate more easily.

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Peru - Primero De Mayo School - Complete (2018)

We were presented with the opportunity to partner with our Peruvian farming co-op, Primero de Mayo, to rebuild their school building. The finished project provided an updated space for the children, as well as a communal meeting space in which the farmers can improve their own farming techniques, and pass on their knowledge of coffee farming to the generations to come.

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Make a cup. make a difference.

Proceeds from every coffee bag sold help benefit school building projects in our farming communities. 

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